LAND FOR SALE near Bocas del Toro

 US$ 250,000


We may consider a 4th Partner / Investor for $75,000

We are a group of 3 Business partners.

Bluewaters Panama is a beautiful 17 acre lot of land that we purchased some 15 years ago. We own the land outright in our Panamanian company.

The intention was to build (depending on investment and funds)

  • An Eco resort with Bungalows over the water
  • A hotel on the hillside and cabins on the land
  • A campsite with tree houses and cabins
  • or 3 or 4 large cabins for our own use

All overlooking the fantastic ocean and Island views around Snapper point a short boat ride from Bocas del Toro.


However, life circumstances and plans change and two partners now live in Thailand and one has business interests he cannot leave in the UK. 

So we are looking to SELL for US$250,000 

(Our Panama company holds the land)


Investor Option – US$75,000

  • The investor will become a 4th equal partner shareholder in the company that owns the land.
  • They will be allowed to live and start building a dock and cabin or whatever on the land. (Subject to agreement by all partners)
  • The $75K will be used to finance building the landing dock, land clearing and a purchasing a boat.

Ideally, we would like to build some cabins like this (one for each partner) 


The Bocas del Toro real estate market has become a real hot-spot from investors all over the world because of the natural and un-spoilt beauty and location. 


Snapper Point a 30- 40 minute boat ride from Bocas del Toro or 20 minutes to Almirante

Snapper Point chart2small

The approach to the land by boat

The view from the top of the land

Bocas del Toro land for sale 8

Satellite image of the land (between the lines – 17 acres and 80 Metre water frontage)


Satellite image of land (and original plan)

Bluewaters and reef plan

Details about the land

The 17 acres have an 80 metre water frontage. The two white lines in the satellite image above show the boundaries of the land. The land is steep at the water end and then goes back into the mainland. It used to be a cocoa plantation but now many investors plant mahogany trees amongst other things.

There is a protected coral reef in front of the land and the entrance to the reef for boats is also shown on the image. There  is one other secluded property around the bay to the right (Henri’s property) of which is a short boat ride around the bay (approx 500 metres). To the left about 500 metres away around the next bay is another property. 

Please feel free to ask any questions – Email us here



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