Bocas del Toro land for sale – Panama

We are considering ALL offers on our Bocas del Toro land for sale.

The land is held in a Panamanian Company and is easily transferred to you.

We can accept wire transfer in any currency, gold or Bitcoins 


If you are looking for a beautiful waterfront setting with a hill behind you and a further 17 acres of old cocoa plantation land stretching back that you could have your own forest wilderness or make a ECO RESORT.

The perfect setting to build a villa or cabin overlooking the pristine waters of Snapper point.

Easily reached by boat and Bocas Town and the airport.

This land has incredible potential and views. Avilla or main resort building could be built on the waterfront and have the hill behind as the protection against wind and storms. Above the hill is another 16 acres of land to use for whatever you choose. Teak tree plantation, Eco resort with camping and nature trails, noni farm are just a few of the suggestions we have considered.

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bocas del toro land for sale

Bocas waterfront land for sale

Bocas del Toro land for sale or may exchange for property / land in the UK.

£130,000 – (US$187,000) – Make us an offer

Bocas del toro real estate is going up in value all the time and is a stunning location to own land. This location is ideal to start an eco resort as the area gets an above average influx of visitors every year. The waters are clear and pristine, the nature is incredible and there are so many beautiful bays and islands to explore from this location… Snapper Point.

Welcome to Bocas del Toro archipelago …..

You will be amused and amazed, tempted beyond belief and for certain you will to take with you priceless memories of a different world.

Enjoy your life….. Enjoy Bocas del Toro
Welcome to an unforgettable location

Here is the official site of the archipelago of the Provincia of Bocas del Toro, Panama.
Here, you will find all the required information to plan the vacation of a lifetime. Our team is open to provide any further information that you may need.

Bocas del Toro Real Estate – Titled Land for sale

Bocas del Toro Real Estate FOR SALE by Owner

Rare titled Waterfront land –
Open to offers

17 Titled Acres plus approximately 2.7 acres of Rights of Possession
of oceanfront on the Caribbean Sea in Bocas del Toro

87 metres of beautiful Waterfront

This titled and Rights of Possession mainland property is located on beautiful Snapper Point only 20-25 minutes by boat from Bocas town. This is a natural rainforest property with hills and ridges offering stunning views of the ocean below! Dock your boat in front of your tropical villa and enjoy swimming and snorkeling in pristine waters filled with colorful coral reefs.

Our Bocas del Toro Real Estate Land has cleared boundaries with land management signs and up keep clearly displayed.

Dock your boat and build your house or cabin overlooking the most amazing scenery and waterfront.

We may be open to EXCHANGE the LAND for a property in the UK.

The land is held in a Panamanian company so purchase and transfer is easy.
No taxes to pay, just a simple company transfer to the new owner(s).
Our agent in Bocas is available to show you the property…

Price: $OFFERS
Land Size: 80,039.99 M2
Area: Bocas
Location: Snapper Point
Location Type: Waterfront
Waterfront: Yes
Waterfront Details: Caribbean Waterfront
Land Status: TITLED & Rights of Possession in Corporation
Road Access: No
Electric: No
Water: No

Bocas del Toro Real estate

Plantations view top2

Plantation View from the Top

Lennox July 2009 Monthly Photos 035


Lennox July 2009 Monthly Photos 034


Outline land

.. This is the 87 metres waterfront – Perfect location to live, build a cabin, a villa or eco resort

At the top of the slope we own more 17 acres …..


See the two vertical lines going through the above picture. This is an actual Google image screen shot showing the boundaries where we have had the boundaries cleared.


View approaching the land from the water













Jetty to house 2

..House on the water near our land

Bocas house view from deck




On the dock 1




Karl Carlo boat




!Map showing Snapper Point.JPG

Snapper Point is indicated on the above Chart

Snapper Point is a place with a very small population in the state/region of Bocas del Toro, Panama which is located in the continent/region of North America.Cities, towns and places near Snapper Point include Cuan Bay, Punta de Pargo, Cuan Bight and Quebrada Cascajo.The closest major cities include San Jose, Panama, San Miguelito and Managua.

Snapper Point chart2small