FOR SALE or JOINT VENTURE – Perfect for Eco resort or Campsite or Large cabin

Bluewaters Panama

If you are looking for a stunning peaceful setting with waterfront  access and a hill behind you with a further 17 acres of old cocoa plantation land stretching back into a forest wilderness…. this is it.

Bluewaters Panama overlooks the pristine waters of Snapper point.

Easily reached by boat from Almirante or Bocas Town and the airport.

FOR SALE – US$150,000  

Investors or Joint Venture partners may be considered


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Karl Carlo boat



Jetty to house 2



Bocas del Toro – Panama

Bluewaters – Bocas del Toro in Panama

Here are some more pictures of the land

Bocas del Toro land for sale 8

Plantation View from the Top

Lennox July 2009 Monthly Photos 035


Lennox July 2009 Monthly Photos 034


Outline land

This is the 87 metres waterfront – Perfect location to live, build a cabin, a villa or eco resort

At the top of the slope we own more 17 acres …..


See the two vertical lines going through the above picture. This is an actual Google image screen shot showing the boundaries where we have had the boundaries cleared.

Bocas del Toro land for sale5

View approaching the land from the water







bocas del toro land for sale


Bocas del Toro land for sale1




Jetty to house 2

..House on the water near our land

Bocas del Toro land for sale6


Bocas del Toro land for sale 7


On the dock 1




Karl Carlo boat




!Map showing Snapper Point.JPG

Snapper Point is indicated on the above Chart

Snapper Point is a place with a very small population in the state/region of Bocas del Toro, Panama which is located in the continent/region of North America.Cities, towns and places near Snapper Point include Cuan Bay, Punta de Pargo, Cuan Bight and Quebrada Cascajo.The closest major cities include San Jose, Panama, San Miguelito and Managua.

Snapper Point chart2small


 Living on a boat

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