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In this technological age, panamaland.wordpress knows you  are aware and care about how your information  is used and possibly shared and we ensure you that any information that you provide on this website is used only as necessary and to conduct our panamaland.wordpress business.

Please note, your ip or other information may be provided to other outside this website contractors who assist and panamaland.wordpress.comin our service and delivery of content and it is only rarely given and as needed to perform the contractual duties that they offer us. Any information (personal or electronic) you provide on this website will not be given or sold to others or anyone, without your express consent or the only other way is if required by law.

IP Addresses & Cookies and website uses a statistics program and does keep track of all IP addresses that actually visit this website. The site also uses cookies as to determine the unique visits from a particular IP address. This information is usually used to collect very general statistics about all our website visitors and does not intend to track anybody’s individual behaviour.